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Foreign Settlement Yog
In today's modern era, every person desires to go abroad and does tireless efforts to go abroad. But sometimes, some people have the foreign settlement yog of going abroad in the horoscope but they are unable to go abroad. According to astrologers, the yog of traveling abroad in the horoscope does not mean that the person will definitely go abroad. According to astrologers, it is necessary to have a suitable foreign settlement yog, planets and zodiac sign in the person's horoscope to go abroad. According to the astrologers, it is necessary to create a fixed yog of horoscope i.e. foreign settlement yog, expense space and planetary as well as the formation of yog in the horoscope.
According to astrology, the study from the horoscope can be told whether the horoscope of a person is the yog of foreign settlement yog or not. Yog of foreign travel is also present with many auspicious things in the horoscope. According to our Pandit ji, the study from the horoscope can be told that the horoscope of a person is the sum of foreign travel or not. The eighth house of any horoscope, ninth, seventh, twelfth house relates to foreign travel, on which basis it can be ascertained that when the sum of foreign travel is being created.

In the same way, the third house of the horoscope can be told about the trips to life. The octavo in the horoscope is a symbol of sea travel, and the seventh and the ninth values ​​explain long travels abroad or trade, business and long migration abroad. If the person is planning to do any of his work abroad, the result can be accessed on the basis of this study.

In astrological view, some special planetary yog made in our horoscope joining the foreign settlement yog in our life, make the yog work or traveling abroad -

The relationship between twelfth house in our horoscope has been linked with foreign and foreign travel, so even in today's time, the twelfth house of the horoscope is seen as an opportunity. In Sun in the Janam horoscope, the person the possibility of traveling abroad. Even in the horoscope of Saturn in the horoscope, the yog of foreign travel is made. At the same time, Mercury is located in the eighth house in the horoscope or in the horoscope, Jupiter is located in the fourth, sixth, eighth or twelfth house, even then there is the sum of traveling abroad. Similarly, if the moon is located in the eleventh or twelfth house in the horoscope, then yog is made of foreign travel. At the same time Venus is situated in the sixth, seventh or eighth house of the horoscope, or if Rahu is situated in the seventh or eighth house before the horoscope, then it is the pleasure of going abroad, i.e. you have a foreign settlement yog in your horoscope.

According to Traditional Indian Astrology, the person of the third house and the twelfth year govern the condition of the state or the pilgrimage. At the same time, the success of the ninth and twelfth house becomes the sum of long journeys in the direction or intersection.

In the event of a birth chart of a horoscope, the person has to get out of the house when the condition of the ruler of the third house and the dominant status of the twelfth house comes upon him. As long as this condition remains, the person remains away from the house. In most cases, after the disease has passed, the person returns home again. In the person's horoscope, the intercourse of marriage and twelfth house is interconnected, not only are they able to go away from home and succeed only in the pardes.

Apart from this, there is a change in the foreign exchange between the people of Mandnesh and Navamesh. Even the lunches and the moon zodiac are located in both the zodiac signs, even then the person travels abroad. Moon has been considered the natural factor of traveling abroad. The tenth house of the horoscope shows our livelihood and Saturn is the natural factor of livelihood. Therefore, the horoscope of the horoscope, moon, tenth house and Saturn are of special significance for foreign travel.

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