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  1. Puppet Crafted Designer Navaratri Dandiya Sticks 101
    Now Only ₹284.00 Regular Price ₹699.00
  2. Oxidized White Metal Handcrafted Dandiya Sticks 105
    Now Only ₹194.00 Regular Price ₹499.00
  3. Oxidized White Metal Handmade Dandiya For Couple 1052
    Now Only ₹287.00 Regular Price ₹699.00
  4. Set Of 5 Oxidized White Metal Handcrafted Dandiya 1055
    Now Only ₹695.00 Regular Price ₹1,599.00
  5. Designer White Metal Garba Festival Dandiya Sticks 106
    Now Only ₹193.00 Regular Price ₹499.00
  6. Designer White Metal Garba Couple Dandiya Sticks 1062
    Now Only ₹290.00 Regular Price ₹699.00
  7. Set Of 5 Designer Navratri Garba Ras Dandiya Stick 1065
    Now Only ₹485.00 Regular Price ₹1,099.00
  8. Ethnic Design White Metal Dandiya Sticks With Bell 107
    Now Only ₹185.00 Regular Price ₹499.00
  9. Ethnic Design White Metal Couple Dandiya Sticks 1072
    Now Only ₹294.00 Regular Price ₹699.00
  10. Set Of 5 Silver Minakari Designer Navratri Dandiya 1045
    Now Only ₹685.00 Regular Price ₹1,599.00
  11. Silver Minakari Handmade Dandiya Stick For Couple 1042
    Now Only ₹385.00 Regular Price ₹899.00
  12. Silver Meenakari Handmade Navratri Dandiya Sticks 104
    Now Only ₹187.00 Regular Price ₹499.00
  13. Exclusive Designer Navaratri Couple Dandiya Stick 1012
    Now Only ₹485.00 Regular Price ₹1,099.00
  14. Set Of 5 Puppet Crafted Designer Navratri Dandiya 1015
    Now Only ₹982.00 Regular Price ₹2,199.00
  15. Handmade Bandhani Designer Garba Dandiya Sticks 102
    Now Only ₹198.00 Regular Price ₹499.00
  16. Handmade Bandhni Garba Dandiya Sticks For Couple 1022
    Now Only ₹277.00 Regular Price ₹699.00
  17. Set Of 5 Handmade Bandhani Designer Garba Dandiya 1025
    Now Only ₹494.00 Regular Price ₹1,099.00
  18. Golden Meenakari Ethnic Navratri Special Dandiya 103
    Now Only ₹192.00 Regular Price ₹499.00
  19. Golden Meenakari Ethnic Navratri Couple Dandiya 1032
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  20. Set Of 5 Golden Meenakari Ethnic Navratri Dandiya 1035
    Now Only ₹588.00 Regular Price ₹1,399.00
  21. Set Of 5 Ethnic Design White Metal Dandiya Stick 1075
    Now Only ₹490.00 Regular Price ₹1,099.00
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Festival-Enlighte your lives the diwali with handicraft gift festival - festival decoration items

The festival of Diwali is considered as the most beloved festival of India. Diwali festival is a symbol of lights. This festival is celebrated as the victory of good over evil. Which is celebrated with rituals, sweets, crackers etc. with full enthusiasm in this festival, you meet people around you, loved ones etc. All these moments are of good pleasure. That's a great time.


Gifting in Diwali

The usual ritual of this festival is that gifts and sweets are exchanged. All friends and family give gifts among themselves. All these gifts are given more on the occasion of Diwali. In the festival of Diwali, the fever of online shopping is high on all people. If you want to give festival decoration items to anyone on the occasion of Diwali, then our online shopping site Gathjod.com will be a good option for you. This is the best place to buy gifts. The online site can be free of cost-free, pocket-friendly as well as a store of gifts with time savings. From here you can get the festival decoration items of your choice.


Diwali gifts for family

You will find attractive design lamps, lanterns, etc. which will enhance the beauty of your home at Gathjod.com. On the auspicious festival like Diwali, you can buy artworks show-piece, worship items etc. through our online site for the decoration of your homes. You can buy it by your family. You can also bring gifts from this site for your family.


Sweets for diwali gifting

Various types of dishes are also made in this festival filled with light. The water comes in the mouth when you hear it. In this occasion of Diwali, you can also send chocolates, dried fruits, sweets etc. as gift from our online site and can give gifts to your friends and loved ones as a gift.


Ethinic accessories for diwali gifting

 By choosing different types of jewelry we can enhance our style. Like gold and diamonds, pearls and many kinds of silver jewels, expensive jewels, such as tremors, necklaces, pandents etc. Have you heard someone say that this will add a glow to our lives?

Party gifting on Diwali

It is believed in our country that gambling brings prosperity in our lives on this festival day. Keeping this old tradition in mind, we can browse through various items in our party. From small glass to big glass, you will find a large range of glasses to extinguish your thirst.

There is no better gift than a customized gifted gift. We understand this wish of you at Gathjod.com, and on this auspicious occasion there is a wide variety of gifts related to Diwali festival.


Get Diwali offers on a range of  smart phones

Get the latest smartphone at incredible prices. The Nexus 5 with Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro, Lenovo A1 or Micromax Canvas A1 Buy 42 percent discount ensures that the purchase of your zone is not only smart phone but also affordable.

Coalition keeps a special place for new launches on the festival. Book an Iphone 7 and get it before all your friends. Or choose the Micromax Canvas 5 Light at an incredible cost. The new Launch includes Mi Max (32) GB, Lenovo Max 2 and Intex Blaude Tride. Packed with the new feature, these mobile phones allow you to stay connected with the prices you love.

We look forward to reaching the goal of Digital India in the context of the festive season. No home should be without laptop or desktop. It is possible for you to combine the silk wireless, desktop computer with attractive laptop packaged at the cost of your appeal. The alliance festival is for every necessity, whether you are looking at a child's college laptop or for the best use of your own, it is the best time to buy it, on Diwali.


Experience home entertainment in a whole news qay of gathjod festival offer diwali offers 2017

Selling old TVs bring a big TV to your home, which will not even make hole in your pocket. Panasonic and Hire's LED TVs are available with good deals. This is unmatched by which every movie is a hit for your living room. Explore other electronic devices on the occasion of Combined Festivals, such as DVD players and speakers, up to 60 percent of the off and the home theater system that we always want.


Explore the Gathjod festival offers diwali sale for ultimate comfort



Now make your life comfortable and well-equipped with some designed quality equipment to load your home load with your shoulders. If you are upset of heat and sweat then you should have for you Voltas air conditioner, we provide onvenience between our top offers. To make your child's homework easier, buy a printer and upgrade your refrigerator too. The washing machine is reliable and you can clean your house with a powerful vacuum cleaner. In the best brands, production is included in the alliance festival with the support of quality and confidence. Gathjod festival offer is sure to give you comfort throughout the year.


Gathjod festival offer Diwali deals for a sparking addition to your kitchen

Celebrate this celebration with the new kitchen dishes that you need in the kitchen such as mixer grinders, microwave and dishes from the gas stove. Combine festival ensures that you are not only able to cook with more comfort and skill, but also to serve the dish attracting the eyes. Now why do we wait when we have such an affordable range of affordable utensils, cutlery and crockery? Now every table has its own table ready.


Run toward the diwali discount on execrcise epuipment

See that you are most comfortable with the workout tools designed to fit your home comfortably. Like a member in the gym, all the benefits are made without the cost of paying. Home gym and trade mills are among the many devices. Those whom you can choose to build your gym.


The Gathjod festival offers unboxing happiness for children too

A festival is seen by a child as a child. Not only is it time to take a break from this school, but it also has an opportunity to get involved in sports and food and also offers the unity of being with friends and friends. The weight of the gifts is seen in new clothes and surprise all year round. Make this Diwali festival children with that gift for which they were secretly interested, whether they are toys or festival festivals available on discounts on occasion. Fabric shoes, luggage accessories are available on festivals. Make your fusion together with alliances with festivals.


Pamper yourself with impressing clothing and branded grooming products with the Gathjod festival offers     

Although the house and the place to cook i.e. kitchen are important but i is also necessary to love yourself. You should ensure that you are at your closet in this festival, your closet is in your wardrobe, men's festivals, and a wide range of children's clothing is available. Now you have party accessories, office clothes and matching accessories in every garment. You can buy from the Gathjod festival offers.


Divine experience with puja accessories at Gathjod festival offers “Gathjod festival offers”

An important part of your Diwali is Diwali Puja. Select the accessories of worship from the Gathjod.com store and express your love and gratitude for the Almighty. God's Power statues, worship of complex temples at home, lamp, rangoli and you do not need to make offerings and all such items are available at one place store. The accessories available for the selection of their annual pooja are available at best competitive prices.