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  1. Designer Sexy Red Golden Kundan Brass Payal Anklet 101
    Now Only ₹292.00 Regular Price ₹699.00
  2. Jodhpuri Golden Blue Designer Brass Payal Anklet 126
    Now Only ₹290.00 Regular Price ₹699.00
  3. Gorgeous Golden Maroon Designer Brass Payal Anklet 127
    Now Only ₹289.00 Regular Price ₹699.00
  4. Maroon n Golden Unique Ethnic Brass Payal Anklet 128
    Now Only ₹294.00 Regular Price ₹699.00
  5. Colourful Rajasthani Designer Brass Payal Anklet 130
    Now Only ₹282.00 Regular Price ₹699.00
  6. Royal Golden Blue Ethnic Design Brass Payal Anklet 131
    Now Only ₹289.00 Regular Price ₹699.00
  7. Fashionable Design brownGreen Beads Brass Payal 132
    Now Only ₹379.00 Regular Price ₹899.00
  8. Fancy Colorful Beads n Radiant Stones Brass Payal 133
    Now Only ₹384.00 Regular Price ₹899.00
  9. White Pearls n Shiny American Diamonds Brass Payal 134
    Now Only ₹381.00 Regular Price ₹899.00
  10. Oxidized Silver Design Ethnic Rajasthani Anklet 135
    Now Only ₹396.00 Regular Price ₹899.00
  11. Red n White Beads Zircon Stone Fancy Brass Payal 136
    Now Only ₹392.00 Regular Price ₹899.00
  12. Cute Red n Green Beads Jaipuri Design Brass Payal 137
    Now Only ₹380.00 Regular Price ₹899.00
  13. Oxidized Silver Paisley Design Lovely Brass Payal 138
    Now Only ₹391.00 Regular Price ₹899.00
  14. Buy Kundan Brass Anklet n Get Another Cute Anklet Free
    Now Only ₹580.00 Regular Price ₹1,299.00
  15. Buy Kundan Brass Anklet n Get Another Sexy Anklet Free
    Now Only ₹477.00 Regular Price ₹1,099.00
  16. Rajasthani Design 4 Pairs Colorful Payal Combo Set 296
    Now Only ₹796.00 Regular Price ₹1,799.00
  17. 4 Pairs Rajasthani Design Special Payal Combo Set 298
    Now Only ₹999.00 Regular Price ₹2,299.00
  18. Fancy Ethnic Design Green Black Brass Payal Anklet 125
    Now Only ₹284.00 Regular Price ₹699.00
  19. Beautiful Sexy Red Green Ethnic Brass Payal Anklet 124
    Now Only ₹283.00 Regular Price ₹699.00
  20. Rajasthani Kundan Design Golden Brass Payal Anklet 102
    Now Only ₹293.00 Regular Price ₹699.00
  21. Colourful Designer Fancy Kundan Brass Payal Anklet 104
    Now Only ₹387.00 Regular Price ₹899.00
  22. Maroon Golden Rajasthani Kundan Brass Payal Anklet 105
    Now Only ₹382.00 Regular Price ₹899.00
  23. Maroon Golden Ethnic Designer Brass Payal Anklet 107
    Now Only ₹277.00 Regular Price ₹699.00
  24. Alluring Red Green Royal Ethnic Brass Payal Anklet 110
    Now Only ₹391.00 Regular Price ₹899.00
  25. White n Blue Designer Jaipuri Brass Payal Anklet 111
    Now Only ₹284.00 Regular Price ₹699.00
  26. Golden n Blue Ethnic Designer Brass Payal Anklet 112
    Now Only ₹286.00 Regular Price ₹699.00
  27. Traditional Multi-color Ethnic Brass Payal Anklet 115
    Now Only ₹288.00 Regular Price ₹699.00
  28. Copper n Silver Color Jaipuri Brass Payal Anklet 116
    Now Only ₹277.00 Regular Price ₹699.00
  29. Rajasthani Red n Green Ethnic Brass Payal Anklet 117
    Now Only ₹289.00 Regular Price ₹699.00
  30. Exotic Design Flattering Orange Brass Payal Anklet 118
    Now Only ₹295.00 Regular Price ₹699.00
  31. White n Multi Color Ethnic Cute Brass Payal Anklet 119
    Now Only ₹289.00 Regular Price ₹699.00
  32. Fashionable Colourful Designer Brass Payal Anklet 120
    Now Only ₹282.00 Regular Price ₹699.00
  33. Graceful White n Green Designer Brass Payal Anklet 121
    Now Only ₹283.00 Regular Price ₹699.00
  34. Fancy Designer Stylish Colorful Brass Payal Anklet 122
    Now Only ₹288.00 Regular Price ₹699.00
  35. White Brown Jodhpuri Designer Brass Payal Anklet 123
    Now Only ₹297.00 Regular Price ₹699.00
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