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Horoscope for marriage life

Horoscope for marriage life

- Horoscope for marriage life

Horoscope for marriage life
According to the Indian astrology, in the horoscope of a person, the seventh house is considered as the home to work in marriage, wife, and partnership. This quote will provide you with information about how this relationship of marriage between husband and wife will be concerned. Horoscope for marriage life play a vital role in a person’s kundali for the marriage predictions. The time of marriage and marriage is determined only by the seventh house.

The second house is a family house, so whenever a marriage takes place, a family member increases in the family, so this house also becomes important for marriage.

The desire of the Eleventh House is to fulfill the desire of the person, and this feeling is fifth from the seventh house, so this house is also seen in the form of a marriage house in astrology.

This is the most important manifestation of the first house - Horoscope in the horoscope. Every kind of happiness, such as marriage, employment, is consumed by the person himself, so the relationship with the first person will be the result of which the person will get the harm or suffering associated with that emotion in his life. If the person has a relation with the first person, then the person will have to get the happiness of the wife.

Horoscope for marriage life in Kundali

We will tell you on the marriage's prediction that before knowing about the timing of marriage, it is important to know whether the yog is in the horoscope or not. If there is a yog of marriage in the horoscope, then surely marriage takes place.
To know this, we should see the following yog in the horoscope for marriage life

  1. If auspicious planet has vision, like Guru, Venus, surely this marriage is Yoga.
  2. Saptamesh bhaav is in the owner or lengthening stature, yet it is the sum total of marriage.
  3. The owner of the seventh home is located in the center or triangle.
  4. Saptamesh is in eleventh sense and then gets married.
  5. The seventh house is not an inauspicious sight or on the planet's impact. Venus is located in the center or triangle.
  6. Saptamesh is moving ahead and making Yog in lagnesh.

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