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Shadi me deri ke upay

Shadi me deri ke upay

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Shadi me deri ke upay
In our Hindu rites, marriage is said to be the necessary rite of life. Yoga is the life of every person, but there are some factors which delay it. In astrology, Mars, Saturn, Sun, Rahu and Ketu are said to be the cause of delay. In the seventh house of Janmukundali, the marriage of an inauspicious or cruel planet or Saptamesh and its causative planet Jupiter and Venus are weakened due to the weakness of the marriage.

In the words of colloquial words, if in your life the planet is more dominating than the yoga that creates the yoga of marriage, then marriage prevents marriage. Today, people are suffering from marital problems. Someone has to face obstacles in marriage, so some marriages suffer from later ideological differences. First of all, we see which yog interferes with marriage and which yoga makes marital life just like a hell.

  1. Get higher education
  2. Late work
  3. Lack of financial
  4. Problem of a family
  5. Bride or bride of your choice
  6. Shadi me deri ke upay one of the most common factor is due to love and affection
  7. Westernization effect
  8. The boy's marriage was delayed due to delay in sister marriage at home
  9. Yoga of late marriage in horoscope
  10. Due to Manglik Dosh in Horoscope

The above mentioned reasons, in some way affect the bond of marriage. In fact, today's youths do not get married even when they are looking for higher education or a desirable career, and as a result there will be gradual delays. It is not that a custom bride or groom cannot be found. The reason is that the planet which is responsible for not marrying, such questions are just showered on an astrologer and he mentions about the planets that has stopped them marrying.

Astrologer organizes astrological analysis of the horoscope on the prediction of the marriage and explains the problem of the planet and also provides solutions. After all, that person believes that at that time he has not given importance to marriage in either life. If importance was given, then he would get married at the right time.

Whenever there is a possibility that the yoga of marriage is created from astrological point of view, and for some reason the marriage has been postponed, then the boy or girl's marriage is too late in the marriage, so if astrologer tells you that marriage yoga You have a horoscope so you should not delay the marriage or it will be late

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